Furry Friends

REF Furry Friends are high end dog grooming products that are vegan and have not been tested on animals.

This is a close collaboration together with Swedish Companies, Furry Friends Family & REF Vegan Haircare.

Wellness products for your dog, with the mission to create products that not only cleans your dog’s coat but also nourishes and strengthens it.The product include coat strengthening vegetable protein, soothing aloe vera for the skin, moisturising ProVitamin B5.

REF is a globally renowned Swedish hair care brand that creates products for professionals – by professionals.

At the heart of REF is a true passion for creativity, innovation and high-quality products that really make a difference. REF offers high performing Vegan and Cruelty Free products that never compromise on the concern and care for cruelty free products and the love for the environment.

Furry Friends is a Swedish healthy dog food company offering healthy food for healthy dogs.

The focus is on good, nourishing ingredients that are locally produced and sustainable. Furry Friends offers a time saving subscription where dog food is delivered directly to your door, according to your dog specific needs. All products are produced in Sweden and are climate compensated through Zero Misson and Plan Vivo.

The series is developed and manufactured in close collaboration with REF Vegan Haircare and Furry Friends.

We have developed this series with the aim of creating fur care products that not only wash your dog and his fur clean but also care for and strengthen the dog’s fur.

Our entire fur care series contains vegetable proteins that strengthen the animal’s fur, emollient aloe vera for your dog’s skin and emollient B5

The series contains shampoo, conditioner and conditioner spray. Works great for both dog and cat!