We are testing some new towels that are made from Bamboo, these towels are totally biodegradable, taking about 30 days to biodegrade. They do not use and  bleach or pesticides in manufacture and are made in either Asia or Europe, then packaged in the UK. They should save the planet detergent, electricity and time.

Let our team of stylists and colour professionals empower you with the beauty and confidence you deserve.

Creating lasting relationships with our guests are extremely important to us at Mavericks, enabling us to evolve your style with trust and experience.

A few of the hair services we offer;

  • Cut & Finish
  • Blowdry
  • Colours
  • Treatments
  • Hair Extensions
  • Straightening

Hair Cutting

We offer a simple philosophy to all our haircuts and that is you will be able to create a similar result at home. We can create any style on your hair, it will look perfect but if you can not recreate that style then it is a bad haircut and we will redo your hair free of charge.

A haircut must look great for the next 6 weeks not the 2 hours after leaving the salon.

We call this the 720 theory, 720 hours between hair appointments. We want your hair to look great for 720 hours. So we will always offer haircare home advice free of charge. do we want you to buy products from the salon, honestly we do not care !, or we want to do is give you the correct advise for managing your hair for the next 720 hours. where you buy the products from is up to you!.

When you come into the salon, you will receive a private consultation . This will give us an opportunity to discuss all aspects of your hair,your lifestyle and hair ability.

From this we can create the perfect hairstyle for you.

All our Cut and Blow drys are 45 Min’s or longer, we maybe slow but we believe that perfection is worth waiting for.

We always cut twice, the first haircut creates the basic shape, we then blowdry, and then cut a second time to personalise the haircut to you.

If you require a complete restyle then we take a little longer at 60Min’s, this is because this appointment includes hair styling lessons to ensure that you can manage your own hair at home.

Hair Styling

We offer all aspects of hairstyling and our team are regularly updated with the latest looks.

We specialise in hair up creations from classical looks to the new avantguarde styles.

We also give hair styling lessons, so if you require all the hair secrets to make your life easier , book an appointment, we are happy to share our secrets.


Have you ever wondered why you have a cold shot button on your dryer, well let me tell you. When you are drying then use the hot settings but then go over that section with the cold setting, this will set the hair into the shape you require. Great for short curly blow drys or long straight blow drys. It also make the hair very glossy. Next time dry it, hit the cold shot button !


We love colour.

Colouring can take a good haircut and make it an incrediable haircut. Each colour is individual as we take colours and mix them with your natural colour, so as indivdual as you are.

Our colour team is led by Martyn Stockley who is an ex L’Oreal technician.


Perming has changed alot in the last 10 years due to the standard of haircutting increasing. We now understand hair movement better and with quality haircutting , we can achieve more from the hair.

All types of perms are available, from tight curly ones to body movement.

We create alot of body movement perms , these give great volume and support to a hairstyle, making it easier to blowdry etc.

Hair Care

720 Theory

Our haircare ranges are their only for one thing and that is to support our hairstyles, to make styling easier for our guests, and this is our only motivation to recommend haircare products.

All our guests receive personal haircare advice so they can take away the knowledge to create better hairstyles at home. The advice is free with no obligation to purchase from our salon. This process we call the 720 theory, and this works simply but getting our stylists to thinks about you going home and having to manage your hair at home, without them, you on your own. so the advise is not just product based, but has advise on blow dry techniques how to use the cold shot on your blow dryer etc etc.

We try not to be pushing with haircare and whether you buy from us or your local supermarket, doesn’t matter to us. We just want you to walk around with great looking hair for the next 6 weeks or 720 hours

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are a great way of giving instant length to hair, no more growing hair, long hair in one hairdressing visit. also

hair extensions are great way of increasing thickness to hair.

The system of hair extensions we use is an extremely flexible system, that allow us to put in any type of hair from synthetic hair to the very best European hair. We can also put different colours of hair into the same strand, giving texture to the hair or a highlight effect.

Hair extension last for 3 months, then they need to be taken out. With alot of systems on the market the hair is then thrown away and then in 6 weeks you can start allover again, buy the hair , pay for the application time. With the Mavericks system, you can keep the hair and then reuse again in 6 weeks, so saving you alot of money.

We charge £30 per hour application , the average application takes about 5 hours. The hair can cost from £80 to £200 depending on the quality and amount of hair you need.

If you wanted a quick chat then please pop along to the salon and ( our extension technicians) will be happy to help.

If you are more certain that you want hair extension then please but a 45 min appointment, which will cost £30, which is then refunded against your application cost. In this appointments the technician will do a complete consultation, using a specially design questionnaire, they will be able to colour match your hair and give you a quote for the completed hair extensions.

Natural hair extensions are treated and cared for the same as real hair, you can use hairdryers and straighteners on them. You use the same hair care products. They are great fun.

Hair extensions are great, people will not know how your hair grew so quickly !

Wedding Hair

We specialise in wedding hair, infact we love wedding hair.

We offer a free 15Min’s consultation for all brides who want us to do their hair.

After that we would encourage a bride to come into the salon for a full consultation and practise hair creation. Within this practise hair up we create a personalised contact sheet, giving us all the info for your big day, we also take digital pictures of the final creation and pin them to the contact sheet. so when the big day arrives we know exactly what we are doing.

Cost of the hair , is very difficult to say, as it varies from bride to bride. So if you are working too a budget then please call for a free 15Min’s consultation and we can give you more information concerning cost.