ION Mega Vent

Via Crystal Ion Bristles benefits your hair in the following ways:

  1. Improves luster
  2. Adds Volume
  3. Reduces brittleness
  4. Minimizes split ends/ Controls fly away hair
  5. Cuts drying time



Ionized- Generates a restorative flow of energised ions when brushing to help give greater control, improve shine and create smother healthier hair.

Unique bristle pattern – adds lift, control and volume

Heat resistant bristles- keeps bristles stronger… Longer bristles retain shape and memory for better pick up, styling ease and durability

Mega vents- large vent holes in the brush head maximise airflow reducing blowdrying time

Stay Put ball Tips- protect scalp, help prevent breakage and split ends

Contured neck- no sharp angles to interfere with styling mobility, gently curved to fit fingers

No snag – ergonomic grip – provides comfort deceases stress, allows better grip, and will not snag hair

Rubber handle designed to stimulate blood flow in the hand of the stylist for prolonged use.

Flex-pick sectioning pick- now only one tool is needed to section and style. Great for removing hair when cleaning the brush. Pick stores inside handle.


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